TopSpin FAQ

This TopSpin FAQ from Bruker answers questions about both the free TopSpin and Commercial TopSpin. Learn more today.


Q: What is the difference between the commercial and free version of TopSpin?
A: Both versions use the same software. The difference is only the price of the license ticket. The academic TopSpin processing license is free and includes additional features: the CMC Classroom licenses.

Q: Who can use the free TopSpin Processing version?
A: The free TopSpin processing is for academic, governmental and non-profit institutions.

Q: How do I get the free version?
A: Download TopSpin from the download page and apply for the “Free academia license” on the same page.

Q: How long is the free license valid?
A: The academic license for TopSpin is valid for a period of 3 years.


Content of academic version

Q: Does the free TopSpin Processing include NUS processing?
A: Yes the NUS processing for 2D spectra that is included for free in the regular TopSpin software is also available in the academic version.

Q: Does the free TopSpin Processing version include NMR-Sim?
A: Yes.

Q: Is the Structure Elucidation CMC-se package included?
A: No, you need to purchase a license to use the full version of CMC-se. The full license is also available for free for 1 year on spectrometers purchased after March 2017. The CMC-se Classroom license is included.

Q: Are the CMC Classroom license included?
A: Yes, all TopSpin academic licenses issued after the March 1, 2019 include the Classroom licenses for CMC-assist and CMC-se.

Q: Does the free TopSpin Processing version include NMR Guide?
A: Yes.

Upgrades and Transfers

Q: Can I download multiple versions of TopSpin, for example for macOS and Windows and use them concurrently?
A: Yes, no problem. Multiple license tickets must be obtained.

Q: Will TopSpin work on a Mac with an M1 processor?
A: Yes, we have several TopSpin installations running on M1-based hardware.

Q: I am a qualified customer and want to upgrade from a previous version of TopSpin Processing or transfer my license from an old computer?
A: Please visit the download page above and install the latest version of TopSpin. The license transfer is described in the CodeMeter documentation in TopSpin.

Q: I prefer TopSpin 3.5, TopSpin 3.2 or TopSpin 2.6 over TopSpin 4.
A: Academic licenses are available only for TopSpin 3.7, TopSpin 4 and following releases.

Q: I still have a Windows XP or Windows Vista workstation and would like to use the free version.
A: Only TopSpin 4 and TopSpin3.6 is available in this free version. The list of supported operating systems is available in the software support matrix:

Q: I am still running the free version of TopSpin 3.5
A: This version already expired. You should install the latest version and get the free academic license.



For faster and better support, please have all details such as error messages ready.

Q: I am having trouble with the Installation, who do I contact?
A: For Europe, please send an email request to
For Americas, please send your email request to or visit our web page for more support options.

Q: Is documentation such as manuals included with the free version?
A: A comprehensive set of manuals for all included applications is part of each TopSpin installation.