Automated AFM Metrology

InSight CAP HP

Next-Generation Compact Atomic Profiler delivers highest value, performance, and lowest cost-of-ownership

Ultra Low-Noise Imaging and AFM Profiling

InSight CAP HP

InSight CAP HP is the world's most intuitive, easiest-to-use, cost effective Atomic Force Profiler providing the fastest time to accurate, actionable roughness, depth, profilometric and sidewall characterization data to make the in-time, process-critical decisions to enhance yield.

roughness detection limit
Unparalleled precision for the data confidence required at all critical decision points
>30 sites/hour
highest productivity for inline roughness metrology
HIgh throughput mode enables lowest cost of ownership for multi-site, multi-wafer lot sampling, giving greater insight into process control
Fab-hardened automation
25 years of innovation
Concept driven, intuitive application modes ensure world class metrology by everyone, every time

Surface Roughness

512 x 512 image acquired in TrueSense™

Monitoring surface roughness of bare wafers and blanket films is critical for modern semiconductor device fabrication and emerging technologies such as back-end Hybrid Bonding for which slight deviations in surface roughness and topography can lead to defectivity and bonding failures.

The InSight CAP-HP is the industry’s fastest, highest resolution Automated AFM for bare/blanked wafer high volume metrology. At up to 20 WPH - 2nm x 2nm pixel size - fab hardened and designed for ease of use, the InSight CAP-HP enables the fastest time to data that can relied on for critical process decisions.

Bare Wafer Defect Review

Defects on bare and unpatterned wafers are the hidden device killers. The defects are getting smaller and harder to find. At advanced design nodes, higher pattern density and smaller critical dimensions shrink the minimum size of a yield-killing defect on bare silicon wafers.
Once the defects on the unpatterned wafer have been identified, the review system must accurately redetect those defects for review. The InSight CAP-HP supports edge + notch based global coarse alignment. As defects are re-detected, the coordinate system is refined dynamically to ensure rapid detection of all subsequent defects.

Depth Metrology - BEOL Contact Metrology

(i) Top down and (ii) cross section of 3 contact holes. (iii) A plot of contact depth as measured by 3 probes demonstrating < 1nm probe-to-probe repeatability.

Depth metrology for Back End of Line process control is critical to ensure proper contact between metal layers to ensure the lower power and speed required of today’s semiconductor.

Bruker’s proprietary DTMode uses an adaptive, vectored scan algorithm for the fastest, most accurate depth metrology for high volume manufacturing. The high accuracy of DTMode is ensured by fact that all data points collected in DTMode are only those data points for which the system has achieved the setpoint condition.


Post CMP dishing and erosion metrology using the InSight CAP HP profiling application monde with angstrom scale and long-term reproducibility.

Process control requires accuracy, precision and long-term reproducibility; CMP process control requires all of these while maintaining sensitivity to the sub nm topography of modern polishing technologies for Front, Mid, Back and Far-Back end of line.

The InSight CAP-HP’s picometer sensitivity ensures detection of post polish residual topography. With 0.3 nanometer, long term, probe-to-probe repeatability and reproducibility, this is data to trust for process control.

Sidewall Roughness and Profile Metrology

(i) 3D rendering of a line/space structure with sidewall roughness highlighted; (ii) Cross section of the line space structure also reveals sidewall undercut footing

CMOS device performance is directly affected by carrier mobility, which is strongly influenced by sidewall surface roughness. The high field carrier mobility depends on surface scattering and hence surface roughness is a critical parameter to monitor

Bruker’s proprietary CDMode is the industry standard CD-AFM for sidewall metrology and CD reference metrology. CDMode critically uses a flared boot shape probe to ensure that there is only a single point of interaction between the probe and sidewall. If more than a single point of interaction occurs, such as with a tilt scanner the data does not accurately represent the sidewall morphology and roughness.

CMOS Image Sensor and Color Filter Analysis

Key metrology parameters of a modern image sensor with integrated µ-lenses and color filters monitored by AFM

Our favorite high resolution selfie images created by todays ubiquitous CMOS Image Sensors (CIS) require high efficiency light collection and color filtering. To that end, the light collecting lenses continue to shrink while the shape of the lenses must focus the light though the color filters (CFA)

The InSight CAP HP has a dedicated CIS and CFA analysis designed for today’s CIS and CFA metrology requirements. For CIS, each lens is automatically identified and critical metrics are calculated and reported automatically.


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