Nanomechanical Testing

MultiRange NanoProbe

Quantitative depth-sensing microindentation

Extending the testing range of Hysitron nanoindentation systems

Bruker’s MultiRange NanoProbe extends the testing range of Hysitron nanoindentation systems by increasing the load and displacement range for depth-sensing indentation measurements into the microscale. The MultiRange NanoProbe utilizes proprietary piezo resistive technology to enable high load/large displacement instrumented indentation characterization and provides an invaluable tool for the study of micromechanical properties, fracture toughness, and interfacial adhesion.

MultiRange Nanoprobe for depth-sensing microindentation.
MultiRange NanoProbe indentation on hard film resulting in film delamination at approximately 850 mN of force.

Bridging mechanical property measurements across length scales

The MultiRange NanoProbe enables quantitative instrumented indentation from the nanoscale into the microscale. Utilizing piezo actuation with capacitive displacement sensing and operating under closed-loop force or displacement control, the MultiRange NanoProbe delivers superior stability and low thermal drift. A tunable transducer design allows researchers to optimize the load range for their testing needs; up to 10N of normal force.