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2018, 12월 14일

Bruker Launches the INVENIO-S Research FTIR Spectrometer for Advanced Routine Analysis and Spectroscopic Research

2018, 12월 13일

Bruker and Mestrelab Announce Strategic Collaboration and Partnership for Chemistry and Pharma Software Applications

2018, 12월 10일

Bruker Introduces Advanced Illumination for Next-Generation Lattice Light-Sheet Microscopy

New Luxendo SPIM AIM Provides Adjustable Beam Patterns for Flexible Lattice Light-Sheet or Structured Illumination of Live Samples

2018, 11월 28일

Bruker Launches New Dimension XR Family of Scanning Probe Microscopes

Featuring Major Advances in AFM Technology for Nanoscale Quantification

2018, 11월 27일

Bruker Introduces AFM-Based nano-DMA Solution

Providing First and Only AFM Viscoelastic Measurements that Match Bulk DMA