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Diffusion MR: Basics and Applications

Live Webinar on September 15, 2020: The physical process of molecular diffusion may be utilized to extract essential information about the dynamics and microstructure of media and biological systems. This webinar will focus on the physics of diffusion, its relation with Magnetic Resonance and the several applications on biological systems, porous media. Read more!

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NEW Whitepaper on Automatic NMR Signal Detection Using Deep Learning

Read how Bruker scientists have developed a deep learning algorithm for automatic signal region detection in 1D 1H NMR spectra. Read more

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EPR detects release of hydroxyl free radicals from dental resin

“The results of this paper present sufficient evidence to affirm that dental resins release hydroxyl radicals”

Dental resins are widely used for restorative dental work. They have several properties that make them desirable for filling small cavities, forming the bases of dental bridges and crowns and cosmetic reshaping of teeth. Dental resins have a good tooth-like appearance, are readily pliable, bond to the repaired tooth, and are reasonably inexpensive. Read more

Back-to-School with Bruker

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The Combat Against COVID-19: A Global Network Using NMR Technology

Bruker is proud to partner with Dr. Harald Schwalbe of the Goethe University in Frankfurt on using NMR to combat COVID-19. Through an initiative based out of the Goethe University in Frankfurt Germany, an international consortium of 30 RNA research groups has been formed to research the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Read more!