AMCLI 2017 Scientific Poster Award - Fast CPE Detection

Ms Cordovana acknowledged for study on fast CPE detection

At the AMCLI 2017 conference in November in Rimini the scientific poster award has been allocated to Mrs. Miriam Cordovana from the University Hospital of Bologna, Italy.

Mrs. Cordovana presented a study on the use of the MALDI Biotyper for the fast detection of carbapenemase producing enterobacteria in positive blood cultures, by using a combination of the MBT Subtyping Module and the MBT STAR-Carba assay directly on positive blood culture samples processed by the Sepsityper Kit.

The automatic detection of the KPC-specific peak at m/z 11109 was performed by the MBT Subtyping Module, simultaneously with the identification of K. pneumoniae at species level by the MALDI Biotyper software, by processing the mass spectra generated from the bacterial pellet extracted from the positive blood culture bottle by means of the Sepsityper Kit. The carbapenemase activity was evaluated by the MBT STAR-Carba assay, an imipenem hydrolysis assay.

This “full MALDI-based” approach allowed the detection of enterobacteria producing different classes of carbapenemases directly from the positive blood culture bottle, with optimal sensitivity and specificity, thus enabling a significant shortening of the potential reporting time in comparison with the current routine (30 min – 2 h).

A second poster presented at AMCLI by Mrs. Cordovana shows the results of a study on the use of the MALDI Biotyper for the automatic detection of  KPC-producing K. pneumoniae, methicillin resistant S. aureus and carbapenemase producing B. fragilis in “real time” during the routine species identification process. The detection of these bacterial antibiotic resistance markers by the MBT Subtyping Module proved to be a reliable, innovative and extremely easy method, with high specificity and positive predictive values.

Download the awarded poster