Screen, identify, confirm and quantify hundreds of compounds in a single experiment with Bruker’s new TASQ 1.0 and Pacer 2.0 Software Packages


NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana – March 9, 2014 – At Pittcon 2015 Bruker is launching its new TASQ 1.0 and Pacer 2.0 software products. These powerful software packages allow users to easily screen, identify, confirm and quantify hundreds of compounds in a single experiment. The result is significantly increased throughput and confidence for routine applications in the food, environmental and forensic market areas.

The Bruker TASQ™ software (Target Analysis for Screening and Quantitation) is specifically designed to exploit high resolution, accurate-mass data generated by Bruker QTOF mass spectrometers to confidently screen for trace residues in complex matrices.  The menu driven, quick start wizard guides users through screening and quantitative workflows while the interactive multi-pane viewer allows simultaneous viewing of all the qualitative and quantitative data.  TASQ also efficiently exploits diagnostic ion confirmation criteria, enabled by Brukers’s ability to collect MS and MS/MS fragment data continuously on its QTOF platforms, to eliminate false positive findings.
Bruker’s PACER™ 2.0 software provides extremely fast, accurate quantitative results for high throughput targeted analyses in the routine lab by building on the powerful Bruker GC and LC Triple Quad MS instruments.  PACER addresses the real crunch in quantitative data review – peak integration – by using its powerful “Exception Based Review” feature set.  Almost all existing data and quality review systems are focused on the final calculated values (e.g. is a calculated concentration deviating from a pre-determined limit).  But this can be too late in the review process, so PACER looks for problem data (“exceptions”) starting with the chromatographic peak itself, and then all the way through the workflow – a comprehensive, peak-to-paper review.  This newest version of Pacer introduces a new, modern interface designed for simplicity and clarity, presenting information and options at the time you need them.
Joe Analceto, VP Applied Markets Business, “Bruker Daltonics is committed to delivering innovative, best in class software that enable our customers to easily harness the exceptional performance of our market leading hardware portfolio.  TASQ and Pacer are workflow centric tools designed to save time by using computing power to drive high throughput analyses.  They are great examples of how our philosophy of “Innovation With Integrity” applies to all that we do.” 
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