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Analysis of Condiments

The vast number of types and preparations of condiments offer a sensational experience of taste and flavors but is very demanding in terms of quality control.

Transflection measurement of ketchup with FT-NIR spectroscopy

There is a broad variety of condiments to choose from for industrial or home cooking and to complement the dish during the meal. The products and their ingredients being liquid, semi-solid or solid can all be analyzed using FT-NIR spectroscopy, but require choosing the right sample presentation and measurement setup. Especially for creamy or paste-like products accurate and reproducible measurements can be a challenge.

Bruker offers with transflection measurements a technology, which collects scattered as well as transmitted light and is therefore providing excellent repeatability making FT-NIR a key tool for ensuring the quality of the various raw materials and finished products, e.g.

  • Ketchup and table sauces
  • Mustard
  • Mayonnaise
  • Vinegar and dressings
  • Soy sauce

Parameters, which can be analyzed include fat, dry matter, salt, acidity, pH, Brix, density, viscosity, ash content, alcohol and total titratable acid (TTA).

Bruker’s TD-NMR analyzer is a turn-key solution for rapid Quality/Process control and R&D in emulsion-based product manufacturing. The droplet size distribution (DSD) in Oil-in-water (O/W) emulsions as mayonnaise, salad dressing, and soft cheese influences their taste, smell, and appearance, as well as their shelf life and spread behavior. Bruker’s TD-NMR allows a fast, non-invasive, and accurate analysis of the droplet size distribution in these products. Additionally, it requires minimum sample preparation and no dilution. TD-NMR has the lowest cost-of-ownership per measurement among all competing methods.