Measurement Setup

Comfortable EBSD Measurement Setup

The ESPRIT EBSD software offers a range of assistants and tools for setting up and performing measurements.

Signal Setup

ESPRIT for EBSD features the Signal Assistant that automatically adjusts acquisition settings like camera exposure time and gain. This results in optimally illuminated pattern images. Readjustment is only necessary if measurement conditions are changed.

The advanced user can also setup all parameters manually using the controls provided, allowing fine tuning of pattern quality according to special requirements.


Calibration Assistant dialog

Pattern Center Calibration

Exact pattern center calibration is an absolute necessity for correct indexing and for avoiding misidentification of phases. ESPRIT for EBSD provides a sophisticated Calibration Assistant which automatically performs this task using the current sample (no calibration standard required). Re-calibrating is only necessary after changing the sample-detector geometry, e.g. sample-detector distance or detector tilt.

The expert user can also perform manual pattern center calibration. This feature works in spot mode and allows manual band detection fine tuning, which is then followed by automatic indexing and pattern center coordinates refinement.

Drift Correction

EBSD measurements may be prone to sample drift for several different reasons. ESPRIT contains a powerful drift correction feature that also supports EBSD measurements and compensates image drift.


Acquisition Automation

Stage control can be used for comfortable measurement automation. It can either be used to acquire data from large sample areas at high resolution by stitching fields of view (maps) together. Alternatively, the user can launch multiple measurement jobs at different locations and magnifications on the sample surface.


Autosave Function

Very large datasets containing patterns and EDS spectra can be saved automatically at the end of each measurement. This function is especially useful for unattended data acquisition.