Atomic Force Microscope

Dimension Edge PSS

The ideal metrology and inspection system for LED substrate and epitaxial manufacturers

Dimension Edge PSS

Bruker's Dimension Edge™ PSS Atomic Force Microscope with AutoMET™ Metrology Software is the ideal nano-metrology and nano-inspection system for LED substrate and epitaxial manufacturers. As an extension of the Dimension Edge AFM platform, the Edge PSS incorporates the incredible value and resolution for which the Dimension AFM systems are renowned, while also providing a production-based solution for substrate measurements.

Analyzes every critical parameter for PSS substrates.
noise floor
Provides bare substrate and epi roughness measurements.
ease of use
Delivers best user experience in a value-priced industrial AFM.

The Highest Resolution for PSS Analysis

As the pitch of patterned sapphire substrate (PSS) goes below 2 microns, traditional confocal techniques lose the resolution needed to provide valuable process metrology. The Dimension Edge PSS atomic force microscope (AFM) solves this need with sub-nanometer resolution and the ability to measure up to nine 2-inch wafers at a time (or a single 4- or 6-inch wafer), providing all the data necessary to keep the PSS manufacturing process under control.

In addition to the specific PSS measurement capabilities built into the Dimension Edge PSS, the system also incorporates all of the world-leading Bruker AFM technology that the Dimension microscopes have become famous for, including high resolution and low noise for epitaxial roughness measurements, and such standard and proprietary AFM modes as TappingMode, Contact Mode, PhaseImaging™ and LiftMode™.

3D AFM image of flat-top patterned sapphire substrate.

Advanced PSS Metrology Capabilities

The Dimension Edge PSS system enables enhnaced analysis of PSS structures.
The Dimension Edge PSS AFM provides nanometer resolution for analysis of every critical parameter for PSS substrates while automatically collecting this information across the entire wafer and from wafer to wafer. Bruker’s dedicated PSS analysis package can simultaneously provide data on:
  • Height, width & pitch
  • Side wall angle & feature profile
  • Asymmetry identification & measurement
  • Contamination identification
  • Turn identification & turn angle
  • Flat top identification

Industry-Leading AutoMET Software

The Edge PSS incorporates AutoMET software that is specifically designed to meet LED manufacturing requirements. The software features two distinct modes of operation:

  • Operator Level – A simple user interface with push button guides users through the steps of tip change, align, tune and qualify. Single button operation runs up to 9 wafers automatically with simple PASS/FAIL output.
  • Engineer Level – A password protected user interface allows engineers to access all critical AFM parameters. Process engineers can also set all necessary pass/fail criteria easily with in this mode.
The Dimension Edge PSS improves operator usability with easy laser alignment as well as automatic report generation, providing the best user experience ever released in a value-priced AFM.

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