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Xenon Software

Xenon is the next generation EPR software solution and the answer for reliably and reproducibly acquiring EPR data without the need of an expert.

Xenon is the next generation EPR software solution and the answer for reliably and reproducibly acquiring EPR data without the need of an expert.

Xenon offers an alternative software solution for acquisition and processing for the EMX-line of spectrometers. Xenon is an optional software package offered as a replacement to WinAcquisit and WinEPR.

Xenon runs on a LINUX® workstation like its teammate Xepr from the ELEXSYS research platform. For the first time, one EPR software platform is in place from the routine research system EMXnano to the top-notch world-record ELEXSYS E500. This enables vertical cross-platform data acquisition and post-processing provided by Bruker's open-platform EPR spectrum data storage format, BES3T.


  • SpinFit for spectrum simulation and fitting
  • SpinCount for concentration determination
  • Integrated acquisition and processing
  • Guided work flows for data analysis
  • Default parameters for free radicals and transition metals
  • Fault free resolution settings


Xenon: SpinFit

SpinFit is a new spin trap fitting routine that disentangles the various spin adducts and calculates the double integral for each individual component. Combined with the spin counting module the double integral is converted into the number of spins for each species.  

Xenon: MW Saturation Curve

Knowing the saturation characteristics of your sample is key to an optimized EPR acquisition as well as a means for separating superimposed spectra of different species.

Xenon performs an automatic 2D acquisition EPR spectrum vs. MW power and provides the processing tools necessary for fitting and P1/2 calculation

Xenon: Spin Counting

Real Quantitative EPR is now enabled with Xenon's Spin Counting module. This proprietary solution provides the number of spins or spin concentration without the need of a reference sample!

Xenon: Integrated Peak Picking

One of the most common processing modes in EPR is peak picking. Xenon offers a guided mode to perform peak picking with ease and care.

Xenon utilizes the most advanced peak picking algorithm from Xepr ensuring you pick the peak.

Xenon: EPR/ENDOR click-n-go

By default, the most common EPR experiments are just a mouse-click away. Xenon also takes care of offering those experiments supported by optional hardware, like single crystal or temperature dependent experiments.

Once selected, the desired experiment is ready-to-go, with meaningful default acquisition parameters!

Xenon: Integrated Data Display

Proper data display is a must, especially for 2D data acquisitions. With the next stage stack plot, Xenon provides the right tool to visualize even huge data sets.  

Xenon: CW-EPR

Pre-loaded parameters allow EPR spectrum acquisition with ease. Tasks previously difficult and time-consuming, like tuning/matching and acquisition parameter optimization are a thing of the past.  


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