3D.SUITE software

Bruker microCT solutions include our comprehensive, in-house developed 3D.SUITE software for reconstruction, inspection, visualization, and analysis of the internal object structure

3D Inspection with DATAVIEWER     

3 orthogonal projections through a mouse
  • Display reconstructed results as slice-by-slice movies or three orthogonal projections
  • Smoothing, linear and non-linear grey scale transformations, color coding
  • Differential image analysis between samples 

3D Visualization with CTVOX and CTVOL

3D rendered volume of a mouse body
  • Volume rendering to display reconstructed results as a realistic 3D object
  • Create animated movies flying around or through the object
  • Produce cut-away views
  • Adjust coloring and transparency
  • Export surface rendered models in STL format to 3D printers, or to 3D CAD software
  • Modelling using mobile devices


3D Image analysis with CTAN                 

Porosity analysis of a tree slice
  • Handles large data sets with ease
  • Density analysis
  • Open/closed porosity
  • 3D distances and angles
  • Thickness and separation
  • Extensive tool set for region-of-interest selection
  • Various thresholding methods, morphological operations, and filtering algorithms
  • Color coding of local orientation, thickness and separation
  • Automated batch analysis