RAID M 1001 01

Enhancing capability yet Light Role

RAID-M Series are able to detect, identify, quantify and continuously monitor concentration levels of the specified CWA and TIC.

RAID-M Series can be user-configured to give an audible and a visual alarm when a substance is detected, and includes the ability to silence the sounder. By providing very low detection limits and short response times, the state of the art measuring cell and highly sophisticated detection algorithms, highly toxic substances can be detected at lowest levels.

In the event of an overload, a Bruker Detection exclusive feature realises short recovery times by means of an automatic clean air purge mode; termed ‘backflush’. 

Supporting post-mission analysis of detection events, all RAID-M Series detectors are equipped with a data logging system. This system is capable of continuous monitoring and uses two integrated data loggers that are able to record independently from each other. Separately, these record individual spectra as well as the results of a measurement campaign. The event logger stores almost 3000 events, and the spectrum logger keeps 30 full spectra for subsequent inspection.

RAID-M 100 Features

  • Man portable or vehicle integrated.
  • Detection, Identification and monitoring in all environments including collective protection.
  • Low detection limits with fast response times.
  • Data and spectra loggers capable of 3000 events and 30 full spectra.
  • Easily integrated in to vehicles or ships.