Customer Testimonials


"With more than 15 years of experience in designing microscopes in academia and in industry, I am proud to contribute to the development of Vutara's super-resolution microscopes. With biplane 3D detection and fast sCMOS imaging, Vutara has the most advanced super-resolution microscope on the market." - Joerg Bewersdorf, Ph.D., Yale University


"After scanning the market for super-resolution microscopes and personally visiting and testing most commercially available systems with our own samples, I can say that I am most impressed with Vutara's SR-350. In particular, the user friendliness of their imaging software as well as the 3D capability in super-resolution mode impressed me.

Vutara has an excellent support team and staff as a whole making our transition to super-resolution a well-supported experience. If you're looking to advance your research by super resolution microscopy, I can confidently say that Vutara's systems are an excellent choice." - Thomas Stroh, Ph.D., Core Facility Director


"The volume of data you can acquire on a super-resolution system is incredible when comparing electron microscopy especially considering the sample preparation." - Peter McPherson, Ph.D., McGill University


"Having published with a Vutara super-resolution system, I can confidently say that they offer one of the most advanced super-resolution microscopes available. Their attention to detail and ongoing close collaboration makes them one of my preferred microscopy vendors." - Brigitte Ritter, Ph.D., Boston University


"The Opterra system gives us fast confocal imaging with higher signal to noise than other available solutions. Our use of a multiphoton laser with the photoactivation module is providing us with a unique opportunity to produce ablations and photobleaching at precise 3 dimensional locations simultaneously with imaging." - Dr. Daniel Zicha, Cancer Research UK


"We appreciate the modular nature of the Ultima hardware and software. The systems now available range from basic imaging systems to the dual-laser photo-stimulation multi-mode imaging workstation.

We have continued updating many of our 14 machines, including our ten year old systems. The Team Viewer connection and support is a huge asset for novice owners and for significant software changes." - David Wokosin, Ph.D., Northwestern University