Cleared-Sample Imaging with Light-Sheet Microscopy

Tissue clearing techniques have become a valuable tool for applications in 3D microstructure analysis of tissues (e.g. neuroscience, developmental biology, connectomics). They modify the optical properties of usually opaque samples to render them transparent while keeping their structure and fluorescent labels intact. This is ideal for high resolution microscopic imaging deep within the specimen. Light-Sheet Microscopy leverages the optical advantages of cleared samples enabling fast, long-term, confocal-like optical sectioning and high-quality 3D imaging of cleared samples.

The MuVi SPIM CS and the LCS SPIM CS are optimized for 3D imaging of intricate tissue structures, relevant to study the brain or the central nervous tissue in neuroscience, to analyze organ development or to investigate tumor structure and genesis in oncology. They provide innovative solutions in sample mounting, sample size and optics for best-in-class 3D imaging of cleared samples.

Cleared Mouse Head

Cleared Mouse Head

Labeled with anti-tuj1 (green) to mark developing nerves and with anti-desmin (red) to mark differentiating muscles. Tiled image (6 × 5).

Courtesy of: Glenda Comai, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France



Neuronal Network

Neuronal Network

Neuronal network (stained with GFP) of a CUBIC-cleared mouse brain. Color-coded depth representation: maximal depth displayed 1.23 mm.

Courtesy of: Montserrat Coll Lladó, European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), Barcelona, Spain



Cleared Mouse Lymph Node

Cleared mouse lymph node. High endothelial venules (642 nm, red) and autofluorescence (488 nm, green) to visualize surrounding tissue.
Courtesy of: Jens Stein, University of Bern, Bern, Switzerland

Light-Sheet Microscopy Systems for Cleared-Sample Imaging

2018 10 19 MuVi CS0000

The MuVi SPIM CS (cleared sample) enables 3D imaging of optically cleared samples. The sample chamber, the illumination and the detection unit in the octagon are adapted to match the experimental needs in terms of sample size, refractive index, field-of-view and resolution, adding high flexibility to the system.

2019 09 26 LCS SPIM 0003

The LCS SPIM is dedicated to large cleared sample imaging. It combines two-sided illumination and single detection with a novel optical concept for high-throughput imaging of large cleared samples.

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