Ultima 2Pplus Multiphoton Microscope

Ultima 2Pplus Specifications


Scanning Method Matched pair of 6 mm Cambridge galvanometers with raster and spiral scanning capabilities
Field of View ~1.404 mm x 1.404 mm with 16x objective (up to 28.3 mm FN)
Scan Speed Raster scan: 1.65 fps at 512 x 512, >12 fps at 64 x 64
Spiral scan: 6 fps at 512 x 512, ~30 fps at 64 x 64
Scan Customization User-definable straight, freehand and circular (infinite) linescan with included software; user-definable pixels per line and lines per scan from 1 - 2048; up to 128x scan zoom; 360° of scan rotation; point scan
Uncaging Option Second set of matched 3 mm or 6 mm Cambridge galvanometers in the same scan head to provide high-precision visible or multiphoton laser sample photomanipulation
High-Speed Imaging Option 8 kHz resonant galvanometer; 30 fps at 512 x 512, >1300 fps at 512 x 8 region of interest


Reflected Non-Descanned 1 - 4 hand-picked Hamamatsu Multi-Alkali PMTs; upgradeable to high-sensitivity Hamamatsu GaAsP PMTs
Transmitted Non-Descanned 1 - 2 hand-picked Hamamatsu Multi-Alkali PMTs; upgradeable to high-sensitivity Hamamatsu GaAsP PMTs
Dodt Single Hamamatsu PMT for DIC-like image collection
Transmitted Single Hamamatsu PMT for transmitted light image collection
Camera Standard C-mount camera port built into scan head


Multiphoton Laser Optimized for multiphoton laser input from 690 - 1700 nm
Epifluorescence High-Powered LED in epifluorescence turret
Visible Laser Fibered laser inputs for visible laser introduction
Ultima Laser Rating Class 1 (contains Class 3b & Class 4 lasers) with light box
Helios Laser Rating Class 3b
LED Full-field photoactivation with LED module


Bruker X,Y Stage Variable height with ~15 cm X and ~7.5 cm Y movement and ~0.3 μm step size
Bruker X,Y Microscope Base Fine and coarse-movement platform for scope with ~35 mm travel and 0.1 μm step size
Bruker Z-Focus Range of 30 mm with ~0.2 μm step size
Bruker Z-Piezo Travel range of up to 1000 μm with 0.05 μm step size
Bruker Orbital Nosepiece Motorized control of objective angle and rotation


Prairie View Imaging Software fully integrated with scan head for easy imaging; customizable scan settings for optimization of specimen excitation; integrated control of laser power and PMT high voltages
Z-Series Easy creation of depth stacks with user-customizable slice number, step size and laser power
T-Series Easy creation of complex series involving Z-Series and triggered images
Stage Montage Atlas Imaging simplifies setup and optimizes acquisition of 2D and 3D stage montages
Peripherals Integration Wavelength and power control available for multiphoton and visible laser launches
Photoactivation User-defined points and regions with synchronized laser modulation
Regions of Interest User-defined regions for faster scanning capabilities
Brightness Over Time Intensity mapping and plotting for user-defined regions over time
Voltage Inputs/Outputs Signal inputs and outputs for electrophysiological experiments, stimulus control, and synchronization with external devices