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Standard Acquisition Features

  • 3D localization with patented biplane technology
  • 1 µm depth of focus per Z position
  • Z step acquisitions for volumes up to 30 µm and beyond
  • Real-time localization during data acquisition
  • Video rate live-cell nanoscale imaging
  • Multiple location acquisition
  • Active Z drift correction
  • Sequential and interleaved multicolor acquisition
  • Widefield reference images for localization experiments
  • Standard widefield workflow with time lapse imaging and image deconvolution 

Instrument Options

  • Integrated microfluidics unit
  • 750 nm laser
  • Network attached storage (NAS) solution

Analysis Features

  • Spatial distribution: Variety of tools for analyzing spatial distribution relationships of particles including Ripley’s K, Pair correlation and Nearest Neighbors
  • Cluster Analysis: DBSCAN, OPTICS, Delaunay cluster algorithms providing metrics such as clusters numbers, localizations per cluster, volume, surface area, density, radius of gyration, and principal component analysis
  • Co-localization: Provides statistical measures on relationships between particles or clusters of two different labels
  • Resolution Analysis: Quantifies resolution for images derived from localized data sets via Fourier Ring Correlation
  • Live-Cell Analysis: Tracking of localization data in live-cell experiments with mean squared displacement and angular displacement analysis
  • Control Data: Generate statistically random data to use as comparative data controls

Vutara VXL Specifications

Lateral Resolution 20 nm*
Axial Resolution 50 nm*
Acquisition Speed Localization microscopy: 320 FPS full ROI, up to 3,000 FPS cropped; Widefield: 100 FPS
Cameras Standard: sCMOS (4.2 MP, 6.5 µm x 6.5 µm pixels, 82% peak QE); Optional: sCMOS (5.3 MP, 6.5 µm x 6.5 µm pixels, 95% peak QE)
Stage XY scanning piezo stage, 100 mm x 50 mm range, 1 nm resolution, ±150 nm repeatability
Piezo Focus Objective mount piezo, 400 µm range, 0.7 nm resolution
Field of View Localization microscopy: 50 μm x 50 μm; Widefield 200 μm x 200 μm
Objectives Standard: Silicone, 60x, 1.3 NA; Optional: Water, 60x, 1.2 NA, Optional: TIRF Oil, 60x, 1.49 NA
Standard Lasers Standard: 100 mW 405 nm, 1,000 mW 555 nm, 1,000 mW 638 nm; Optional: 1,000 mW 488 nm, 1,000 mW 750 nm

* Performance is sample and room dependent, typical resolutions can vary based upon preparation. Lateral resolution test specification with TetraSpeckTM beads is XY resolution should be less or equal to 20 nm and Z resolution less or equal to 50 nm. Individual localization precision values for single localization events can exceed 20 nm lateral and 50 nm axial based upon photon yield from individual fluorophores. Colocalization tests with TetraSpeckTM bead using three color is: XY colocalization between colors colors should be less or equal to 10 nm and Z colocalization between colors should be less or equal to 30 nm