EMXnano 77 K finger dewar

EMXnano Sample Temperature

Liquid Nitrogen Finger Dewar (77k)

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For several applications, the temperature needs to be held at a fixed temperature for a short time to acquire the spectrum, such as the detection of ROS  and nitric oxide (NO).  The finger dewar features  a locking sample holder to prevent sample movement and  to avoid liquid nitrogen boil over.

Nitrogen Variable Temperature Unit (100 – 425 K)

EMXnano nitrogen variable

For many applications, a wide range of temperatures is desired to investigate temperature effects on reactions or on the species itself. The nitrogen variable temperature unit (VTU) uses liquid or gaseous nitrogen to cool and heat the sample in the range of 100 – 425 K (-173 – 152 C). The VT unit allows  fast and easy sample exchange at any temperature setting.