ELDOR Upgrade Unit: E580-400U

Distance Determination

ELDOR Upgrade Unit

Distance determination is the key application of Pulsed ELDOR. Bruker supports this rapidly growing field with the introduction of the ELDOR Upgrade Unit E580-400U. It is fully software-controlled and back-compatible to all ELEXSYS E580 and E680 spectrometers.

Typical experiments that can be performed with the ELDOR unit:

  • Saturation Recovery ELDOR to measure molecular dynamics.
  • ELDOR-detected NMR to measure the ENDOR-equivalent nuclear spin spectrum.
  • DEER to measure electron-electron spin distances.
  • Electron-Nuclear-Electron Triple Resonance to measure the hyperfine-selective ENDOR spectrum.

Upgrade Pathways

ELDOR SpecJet Display

ELDOR at X-Band

  • Plug-in for SuperX-FT bridge
  • Retrofit to E580-1010 CW/FT microwave bridges

ELDOR at L-Band

ELDOR at S-Band

ELDOR at Q-Band

ELDOR at W-Band

  • Plug-in for IF bridge
  • Retrofit to E680-1010 CW/FT microwave bridges


  • Pulsed ELDOR unit
  • Digitally controlled solid-state microwave oscillator
  • Frequency range: 9.2 - 10 GHz
  • Pulse switching unit with 80 dB isolation
  • Amplitude control with 30 dB dynamic range
  • Fully software controlled

DEER: Multi-frequency and Precise

Precise measurement of electron-electron interspin distances in the range of 20-80 Angstrom becomes more and more important. With our ELEXSYS E580Q as well as our E680 system and the ELDOR upgrade option, DEER distance measurement experiments are now commonly employed at Q-band amd W-band. The increase to frequency provides a clear increase in sensitivity in comparison to X-band DEER measurements.

DEER: Multi-frequency and Precise