The Most Comprehensive Portfolio of NMR Software

With ever-increasing capacities of NMR systems, extensive datasets are obtained very rapidly. In order to optimise the outcomes of investigations, it is essential that all the data are accurately and completely collected and analysed. The acquisition of sophisticated analytical NMR technologies must therefore be supported by sufficiently powerful software.

There is a wide range of software solutions for NMR data acquisition and analysis that provide meaningful results in a format tailored to meet the needs of a particular application. Bruker offers a great selection of NMR software with options to suit users with differing levels of experience and differing analytical requirements across a range of applications. These includeTopSpin™, the industry s: tandard software for NMR data acquisition and analysis, AssureNMR™, designed for identity, quantity and classification screening, and AMIX™, a collection of powerful tools for metabolomic studies and mixture analysis.

All Bruker software is designed to complement their range of NMR technologies, producing accurate, comprehensive and understandable results. Some instrumentation includes an embedded acquisition server with client-server architecture thereby providing users with the opportunity to control the system via their chosen operating system.


TopSpin was designed with a highly intuitive interface and is the industry standard for NMR data analysis and the acquisition and processing of NMR spectra.


IconNMR is automation software designed to maximize your sample throughput.

Simple Track

SampleTrackTM is a Bruker laboratory automation and management system with a standardized interface. As a software tool for the laboratory network, SampleTrack manages all automation process steps in an analytical environment.


AMIX provides a collection of powerful tools that enable statistical and spectroscopic analyses of your NMR data. Productivity for a wide variety of applications, such as metabolomics, small molecules research and mixture analysis may be applied.

NMR Software Suite

Bruker NMR Software Suite is a cost-effective package bundling the tools you need for complete data analysis.

Complete Molecular Confidence

CMC is a suite of software modules for small molecule characterization and analysis.


PotencyMR for purity and potency determination by quantitative NMR.

Fragment-based Drug Discovery

Fragment-based Drug Discovery by NMR detects ligands with low binding constant.


InsightMR is the platform for the analysis of chemical processes by NMR.


AssureNMR is an integrated, customizable program for identity, quantity and classification screening.

Assure S S T

Assure-SST provides access to automated validation system for most high resolution systems.

Auto Calibrate

AutoCalibrate is key to maintaining a well-tuned NMR spectrometer, tracking changes and monitoring the long-term health of the entire system.


TopSolids is the choice to set up and measure guided solid-state NMR experiments.


BioTop “knows” your experiments. Based on your selection of experiments, bioTop optimizes and maintains consistency for commonly used and shared parameters.

Dynamics Center

Dynamics Center offers method-oriented workflows for general, protein and time domain dynamics.


HyStar™ coordinates experiments when a liquid chromatography system is coupled with spectroscopic methods like NMR or MS. HyStar controls the chromatography system instruments, which interface in diverting the solvent flow into the spectrometers or intermediate collectors.


BBIOREFCODE 2 is a database containing currently spectra of 800 compounds which are typically found as metabolites in body fluids or as components in samples from food, feed and beverage analysis.


Bruker FUSION-SV fully integrated HRAM-MS and NMR data for unrivalled structure verification.