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The Well-tuned Instrument

AutoCalibrate is key to maintaining a well-tuned NMR spectrometer, tracking changes and monitoring the long-term health of the entire system.

AutoCalibrate monitors several key parameters including pulse length, temperature, and shims making sure they are always current.  Designed to run daily, AutoCalibrate determines the optimal settings for these parameters then logs results, monitors the deviations, and when warranted, updates necessary tables with best values.

AutoCalibrate will maintain optimal performance levels of your spectrometer; ensuring your users are generating great data no matter their level of NMR expertise.  Designed to run with minimal involvement on the part of the user, AutoCalibrate will free up your time to do more of the science you enjoy instead of the maintenance you avoid.

Paired with AssureSST

AutoCalibrate will measure and store basic parameters like pulse lengths, shims, and temperature calibration.  However, if users are interested a comprehensive performance test of the NMR spectrometer, users are directed to use AssureSST.  This system suitability test program runs multiple samples through multiple tests and compares results against specification tables.  Users using both AutoCalibrate and AssureSST are ensured their NMR spectrometer is running at a optimal performance levels, and generating data of the highest quality.