Spectrometer Performance Optimized and Documented

Assure-System Suitability Test (SST) is the ideal tool for any NMR spectroscopy laboratory. In full automation, the NMR spectrometer is validated regularly for instrument performance and optimized BEFORE you run your samples.

Assure-SST is fully customizable: Choose from a list of available individual tests to perform lineshape and sensitivity measurements on your liquid-state NMR spectrometer that will run at a time convenient for your facility. Your custom experiments may also be included using the User Defined Experiment feature. This allows you to test your standards that are unique to your laboratory. Probe specific parameter settings enables use on mostly any liquid-state NMR probe and are loaded when the probe is changed. Results from AssureSST tests are reported in a secure pdf report suitable for performance qualification documentation required in GxP facilities.

AssureSST is included with Assure-NMR or available as a stand-alone software license. Assure-SST provides access to automated validation system for most high resolution systems. It provides you confidence that your instrument is performing optimally.

Key benefits of Assure-SST:

  • Fully Automated Performance Qualification
  • Instrument Optimization of shim temperature settings
  • Improves and checks data quality through lineshape test on any sample
  • Meets GMP and GLP requirements for instrument performance documentation
  • Detailed Secured Report of Results
  • Customizable Experiments
  • Monitors performance of "walk-up" instruments
  • Enables NMR specialist to produce more results