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3D Surface Metrology

3D Optical Microscopy for Semiconductor and MEMS Applications

Semiconductor and Microelectronics figure E
3D height map of Cu plating for the redistribution layer (RDL) used in semiconductor IC packaging.

Contour Elite 3D optical microscopes provide the high sensitivity and stability necessary for precision 3D surface measurements in applications and environments that are challenging for other metrology systems, such as advanced QA/QC and R&D applications within the high-brightness LED, solar, semiconductor, and MEMS markets. Critical metrology includes measurements of film thickness, layer and substrate roughness, as well as monitoring and validating key dimensional parameters such as RA roughness, pitch, width, and height. 

Contour Elite systems boast the best combined lateral and vertical resolution over the industry’s largest field of view, with a sub-nanometer to greater than 10 millimeters vertical range. They also include high-fidelity imaging that reveals specific surface details—minute details that otherwise would be difficult or impossible to see. Data segmentation based on color or grayscale information enables users to rapidly select areas of interest and collect critical metrology data from specific regions. This, combined with the ability to build a vivid graphic representation of a magnified zoom into the part, gives the user the ability to actually see the sample along with its true 3D topography, leading to better problem solving in engineered surface applications.

Semiconductor and Microelectronics figure D
3D height map of a printed circuit board (PCB) with color image overlay.
Semiconductor and microelectronics figure C
3D optical microscope maping shows a pattern etched into a semiconductor wafer.

Because of its very high speed, Contour Elite’s WLI technology is particularly well-suited as a QC/process monitoring tool where production volumes are pushed to ever higher levels. This latest generation of Contour 3D optical microscopes delivers a powerful combination of high-speed operation, an ability to function in factory environments, and uncommon accuracy making the Elite systems ideal for challenging applications that require critical surface inspections in the semiconductor and MEMS industrial markets.