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Microelectronics Applications

Accurate and repeatable measurements in seconds improve semi production

Due to the universal popularity of electronic, communication and entertainment devices, we are seeing an enormous growth in the use of elemental and compound semiconductors. Manufacturers require extremely accurate, repeatable and flexible metrology to ensure competitiveness. Bruker provides a range of 3D optical solutions featuring rapid, non-destructive, and automated performance for 3D critical dimension (CD) metrology for semiconductor/MEMS manufacturing and IC packaging.

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Flexible and Printed Electronics

Printed electronics are revolutionizing the manufacture of consumer electronics, logic/memory, OLEDs, displays, sensors, radio-frequency identification (RFID), large area flexible displays, electronic paper, large-area conformal antennas, smart clothing, lighting, photovoltaics, and even healthcare. Bruker’s advanced 3D optical profiling technology enables, in a single characterization tool, undisturbed measurement over flexible membranes with high throughput and sub-nanometer vertical resolution accuracy.

SOM Applications medical Felxible and Printed Electronics
SOM Applications medical LCDs Displays and Touch Panels2

LCDs, Displays and Touch Panels

In the rapidly growing touch panel and display markets, high-accuracy metrology is required to ensure the quality of the end products delivered to the millions of people who purchase and use them. Bruker’s 3D optical microscope products deliver precise, non-contact metrology for capacitive ink layer heights, and ITO features, as well as film thickness metrology to the production floor for touch panel and display manufacturing needs.

Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs)

As manufacturers move to larger substrate wafers, increased need for metrology to monitor the key dimensional parameters for patterned sapphire substrates (PSS) is evident. Bruker’s 3D optical microscopy systems measure PSS for next-generation R&D and production of both high-brightness light-emitting diodes (HB-LEDs) and organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs). They provide accurate characterization of height, pitch and diameter of PSS features, and measurements take only a few seconds per site.

SOM Applications medical Light Emitting Diodes LEDs
SOM Applications medical Microelectromechanical Systems MEMS

Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS)

Micromachines impact our lives daily, from performing crucial functions in automobiles to the operation of cell phones. Thus, it is not surprising that precision metrology has become one of the key enablers in the steady advancement of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) technology. Bruker’s 3D optical microscopes provide precise non-contact metrology for a wide range of parameters, including shape, surface roughness, sidewall angles, thermal properties, and much more.

Wafer-Level Packaging (WLP)

IC chip packaging technology has been advancing rapidly, with smart mobile devices driving down form factor; and cloud computing driving up performance factors, such as processing speed. Traditional 2D metrology is no longer adequate for process development and control of through-silicon-via, redistribution layer, under-bump metallization, and microbumps in wafer-level packaging. Bruker’s automated, non-contact optical profiling provides superior 3D geometric information, complete with customized in-line wafer-handling.

SOM Applications medical Wafer Level Packaging WLP
SOM Industrial Solar Energy2

Solar Energy

The various technologies used for solar cell manufacturing are advancing rapidly as researchers and corporations work to improve efficiency and drive costs lower. 3D optical profilers enable rapid surface and thickness metrology to sub-nanometer resolution, complementing one another to provide the data necessary to improve solar cell development and production. Roughness, step heights, trace widths, scribe widths, film thickness, and defect detection all assist manufacturing lines.

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