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Davis Paul

"For nearly 15 years, beginning with the Dimension 3100 and now expanded to include a MultiMode 8 and an Icon/FastScan system, our suite of Bruker AFMs has proven invaluable in a wide variety of materials research projects, ranging from studies of collagen to magnetic shape memory alloys to device structures incorporating fullerenes, carbon nanotubes, and graphene or other two dimensional materials. Recently we have employed new PeakForce Tapping based modules such as PF-TUNA and PF-KPFM to great effect in investigations of next generation chalcogenide-based memory devices and novel magnesium alloys, respectively.

Likewise, the combination of Bruker’s Programmed Move feature and FastScan AFM head with its associated line of FastScan probes have enabled extremely rapid, large area, high resolution imaging for statistical characterization of DNA origami structures and correlation with corresponding optical microscopy measurements. All of this has been accomplished primarily by undergraduates, speaking to the user friendly nature of the NanoScope software interface and its innovative features such as ScanAsyst."


Dr. Paul H. Davis, Boise State University