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Nanochemical Imaging and Nanospectroscopy

Realizing the full potential of nanoscale characterization and identification

Understanding and controlling the properties and behavior of materials at the nanometer scale has become an imperative in advanced materials research.

  • Mapping out surface chemistries on crystals can uncover solutions to challenges in pharmaceutical formulations, such as flowability of powders
  • Bulk properties of nanocomposites, which have become indispensable in nearly every industry, may be critically influenced by the chemistry at interfaces or the integrity of compatibilizers at adjoining otherwise incompatible materials.
  • Surface chemistry is also critical to shape control on nanoparticles. Manipulating the architecture of a nanoparticle surface—its crystallographic and chemical composition—to create new nanoparticle morphologies and reaction mechanisms has far reaching applications in fields ranging from catalysis to medicine.
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The Most Complete TERS Solution
Enabling highest performance AFM-Raman research

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Highest Performance AFM with Co-Localized Micro-Raman Capability

Unlocking the Secrets of Graphene

Graphene and other new 2D materials, such as molybdenum, metal carbides, nitrides, and phosphorene, are predicted to transform a suite of different technologies, from computing to coatings to chemical sensors. The nanoscale optical measurements capabilities of Bruker’s IRIS AFM-based products are compatible with both organic and inorganic samples, as well as novel 1D and 2D materials, and can easily probe metal-insulator phase transitions, plasmonics, and phonon polaritons. 

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Bruker's Nanospectroscopy Solutions

Bruker's unique suite of nanochemical characterization solutions are specifically designed to address advanced studies in nanospectroscopy.

Bruker Nanospectroscopy Techniques

  • Nano-Optics and Plasmonics

    • Control light at the nanoscale

  • Nanoscale Raman and TERS Research

    • Investigate chemical bonds, changes, and vibrational signatures