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• Dimension FastScan Atomic Force Microscope - Brochure 3.3 MB

The Dimension FastScan™ atomic force microscope delivers extreme imaging speed without sacrificing legendary Dimension Icon® resolution and performance. This breakthrough innovation enables radically faster time to publishable data for all levels of AFM expertise.

• AutoMet AFM Software - Datasheet 1.6MB

Bruker’s AutoMET™ software brings high-volume, precise AFM measurements to demanding production environments. Available for Dimension FastScan® and Dimension Icon® systems, AutoMET uniquely enables the combination of high-resolution AFM imaging with fast, automated metrology.

 PeakForce SECM - Brochure

Bruker’s exclusive PeakForce SECM™ mode is the world’s first complete commercial solution for AFM-based scanning electrochemical microscopy (SECM) with a spatial resolution less than 100 nanometers.

This application note provides an introduction of sMIM and its integration with Bruker’s versatile AFM platforms, such as the Dimension Icon® and Dimension Edge™ AFMs.

Bruker’s exclusive PeakForce Tapping® is the most significant scientific breakthrough in atomic force microscope (AFM) technology since the introduction of TappingMode™. It provides unprecedented high resolution imaging, extends AFM measurements into a range of samples not previously accessed and uniquely enables simultaneous nanoscale property mapping.

Application Notes

 Quantitative Measurements of Elastic and Viscoelastic Properties with FASTForce Volume CR - AN148 3.27MB

Contact Resonance captures both elastic and viscoelastic properties including storage modulus, loss modulus, and loss tangent for materials from soft polymers to metals.  FASTForce Volume CR uniquely exploits AC force volume mapping to offer over 15 different mechanical data channels including adhesion without tip wear or sample damage. 

• PeakForce SECM - AN147  1.64MB

This application note discusses PeakForce SECM™, the world’s first complete commercial solution for AFM-based scanning electrochemical microscopy. With a spatial resolution less than 100 nm, PeakForce SECM uniquely provides simultaneous capture of topographical, electrochemical, electrical, and mechanical maps with nanoscale lateral resolution.

Survey Screening Dynamics High-Speed Atomic Force Microscope 6.2 MB
Bruker’s Dimension FastScan™ development team worked with many AFM leaders to create an AFM that ideally marries high-resolution performance with rapid imaging.
Introduction to Brukers ScanAsyst and PeakForce Tapping Atomic Force Microscope Technology 4.9 MB
PeakForce Tapping™ and ScanAsyst™ are two Atomic Force Microsocope (AFM) imaging techniques for Bruker's atomic force microscopes. In this application note we will explain the underlying physical background, fit PFT into the framework of existing AFM modes, and show the benefits of these new modes through application examples.

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Your metrology instrumentation is a major investment that is critical to your business operation and success. In today’s competitive climate, it is more important than ever to extend the functionality and peak performance of your metrology equipment years beyond the expiration of your factory warranty. Bruker’s Support Programs will help ensure that your investment is protected, and that you and your Bruker instrument are always operating at peak performance.

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Product Tour @ Seeing at the Nanoscale 2012
Get a guided tour of the Dimension FastScan from Bruker's european applications lab manager, Samuel Lesko. This short interview provides an up-close demonstration of the instrument.
Courtesy of www.physicsworld.com

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