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Enhanced Nanoscale Automation

Bruker’s new AutoMET™ software uniquely enables the combination of high-resolution AFM imaging with fast, automated metrology. It provides exceptional ease of use and adaptability for critical-to-quality measurements in high-volume measurement applications. AutoMET includes an intuitive and simple recipe-writing environment that makes it extremely easy to reduce complex measurement routines to simple, push-button operations.

Delivering High Performance on Any AFM Sample

  • Closed-loop Icon and FastScan scanners keep vertical noise below 30pm and 40pm, respectively, as well as high accuracy with ultra-low drift
  • Sample from subnanometer to hundreds of nanometers in height without loss of resolution


Whether using the Icon scanner with ultra-low noise and high accuracy, or employing the FastScan scanner for high scan rates, the Dimension FastScan system will expand your laboratory’s capabilities beyond that of any other single instrument you can purchase.

Dimension FastScan System Configuration:
(1) Acoustic and Vibration Isolation Enclosure; (2) Scanners; (3) Ultra-Stable High-Resonance Microscope Base; (4) 30” Monitor and FastScan NanoScope Software; (5) Computer; (6) NanoScope V, Stage Controller and H