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Three distinct XR configurations for FastScan and Icon AFMs package and optimize advanced research capabilities:



XR Nanomechanics

  • Provides a range of modes to comprehensively detect the smallest structures with spatial resolution down to sub-molecular units of polymer chains
  • Enables correlative nanomechanics characterization to bulk DMA and nanoidentation methods with NEW AFM-nDMA mode 
  • Performs quantifiable nanoscale characterization extending from soft sticky hydrogels and composites to stiff metals and ceramics

XR Nanoelectrical

  • Covers the broadest array of electrical AFM techniques in a single system
  • Provides electrical spectra in every pixel correlated with mechanical property measurements with NEW DataCube modes
  • Delivers previously unattainable information from a single measurement


  • Enables robust AFM-based scanning electrochemical microscopy (AFM-SECM) and Electrochemical AFM (EC-AFM)
  • Acquires electrochemical information with <100 nm spatial resolution
  • Performs simultaneous electrochemical, electrical, and mechanical mapping in solution