Critical Dimension AFM (CD-AFM)

Accurate 3D measurements of complex critical dimension features

The critical dimension (CD) represents a key measurement for process control and development in micro- and nanofabrication environments such as semiconductor production. As structures become smaller and more complicated, challenges arise for traditional CD metrology techniques, such as CD-SEM and scatterometry.

CD-AFM is a nondestructive, high-resolution technique enables accurate measurement of critical 45nm and 32nm semiconductor features. CD-AFM provides highly linear measurement over a range of line widths and is unaffected by feature type, density, or material type. Additionally, the technique is able to measure undercut features and can be calibrated using NIST traceable calibration standards to ensure measurement accuracy.


Featured on the following Bruker AFMs:

  • Dimension X - 3D
  • InSight 3D AFM
  • InSight 3D AFM 450mm
  • InSight 3D AFM Photomask
Multiple semiconductor trenches