Self-Optimizing AFM for High-Resolution Imaging

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ScanAsyst® is a PeakForce Tapping® based image optimization technique that enables every user to create the highest resolution AFM images using single-touch scanning.


ScanAsyst eliminates the need to navigate complicated AFM interfaces and parameter settings, automating PeakForce Tapping so that extremely high-quality images can be produced by any user, regardless of experience level. “Intelligent” algorithms automatically and continuously monitor image quality and make appropriate parameter adjustments. The user simply selects a scan area and scan size for a sample, in air or fluid, essentially enabling a turnkey solution for AFM imaging. ScanAsyst uniquely enables easy imaging of live cells while simultaneously providing high-resolution cellular detail.

ScanAsyst enables:

  • Easiest, consistent measurement of a wide range of samples for materials research
  • Single-button, repeatable roughness measurements for wafer applications
  • Easiest, most stable high-resolution imaging of cells and molecules
Scanasys DNA
DNA imaged using ScanAsyst on a MultiMode 8. Image size 1 μm.
Sanasyst oragami DNA
Triangle DNA origami structure imaged in fluid. Image size 300 nm. Sample courtesy of Prof. M. Endo and Prof. H. Sugiyama, Kyoto University.

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