PeakForce TUNA

Highest Resolution Current Mapping on the Most Fragile Samples

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PeakForce TUNA™ is an ideal method for probing conductivity of fragile samples such as organic photovoltaics, conductive nanotubes, and nanoparticles. It overcomes the limitations of traditional contact-mode-based conductive AFM techniques, which are severely restricted by sample damage or probe tip contamination from CAFM lateral forces. PeakForce TUNA provides direct, precise force control and eliminates lateral forces. This enables routine highsensitivity and high-resolution current imaging.


Now users can benefit from the full fA to μA current range, directly correlated quantitative nanomechanical property imaging with PeakForce QNM®, and the ease-of-use of ScanAsyst®, all with one module. PeakForce TUNA can also be integrated with environmental control to regulate oxygen and water levels down to ppm to accommodate the most sensitive samples.


PeakForce TUNA offers:

  • Highest resolution current mapping on the most fragile samples
  • Unmatched repeatability and consistency in nanoelectrical measurements
  • Correlated nanomechanical and nanoelectrical properties
Applicationnote142 PaekforceTunaNanotube
Height (A) and current (B) maps of a carpet of vertical carbon nanotubes, obtained with PeakForce TUNA, which are impossible to image with contact mode. Image size 1 μm.
Applicationnote142 PeakForceTunaTopo
PeakForce TUNA (A) topography, (B) current, and (C) adhesion maps of a semiconducting polymer composite, poly(3- hexylthiophene) (P3HT) with embedded carbon nanotubes. Image courtesy of Philippe Leclère et al, University of Mons (UMONS) Belgium.

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