Force Volume

Traditional force mapping, more powerful and accessible than ever

Force Volume is a trusted technique used extensively in biomechanical investigations. Researchers interested in how molecules and cells respond to mechanical stimuli or exert forces on their environments can turn to AFM to obtain highly accurate Force-Distance Measurements in a 2-dimensional array. Force variations and topography images are obtained, along with individual force curves at any point.

Force Volume Mapping now includes real-time and offline quantitative property calculations. Calculations include DMT modulus, tip-sample adhesion, and the Sneddon modulus model, ideal for soft biological samples.

Force Volume is a valuable legacy technique in Bruker’s Nanomechanics Package. Force Volume users will want to explore the game-changing new mode, PeakForce QNM™.


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Comparison of force volume imaging to new PeakForce QNM imaging. Sample is live E. coli bacteria.