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MultiMode 8-HR

MultiMode 8 HR AFM

Highest Resolution Imaging — Any Time, Every Time

Enabling researchers to routinely create high-resolution images with PeakForce Tapping®.

MultiMode 8 HR DNA tapping modes v3

Plasmid DNA strand immobilized on mica using low (5 mM) NiCl2 concentration. Major groove, minor groove, and the right-handedness of the helix are clearly visible along the entire strand. Courtesy of Pyne et al, "Single-Molecule Reconstruction of Oligonucleotide Secondary Structure by Atomic Force Microscopy," Small, 2014. doi: 10.10002/smll.2012400265 .LINK





Enabling researchers to routinely create high-resolution images with PeakForce Tapping.








Image individual atomic features and resolve the differences in mechanical properties with PeakForce Tapping.

MultiMode8HR mica substrate v1

Atomic resolution height and adhesion of mica substrate on MM8 (15 nm scan).

Multimode8HR Syndiotatic polypropylene v1

Syndiotactic polypropylene (sPP) and polyethylene oxide (PEO) blend imaged with PeakForce-HR (3 µm at 5 Hz).








PeakForce-HR Module provides 6x faster PeakForce Tapping imaging in air compared to most conventional AFMs, with no loss of performance.

Opterra Multipoint Confocal

Most Complete Quantitative Nanoscale Data

Performing routine, quantifiable, nanoscale electrical and mechanical property mapping, whatever you measure.

MM8-HR -Threepanel_v3

PeakForce QNM images revealing a molecular defect on a polydiacetylene crystal, in air.







Utilize PeakForce QNM and other nanomechanical techniques for the highest resolution and most complete nanomechanical characterization.




Undertake visco-elastic studies with the widest frequency range available on any AFM, from 0.1 Hz to 4 kHz frequency.

Utilize widest range of nanoelectrical techniques of any AFM for the highest resolution, most complete electrical characterization.

Multimode 8-HR AFM

Unlimited Potential — Fully Flexible with Open Access

Heat it, Cool it, Purge it

Complete environmental solutions for battery, organic solar, and beyond.



Be first with the widest range of unique modes; when it does not exist, invent it.

Unlimited Potentail S2v1
Mm8hr directly access v2

Left: Instrument integration example using COM access to NanoScope. Right: NanoScript programming in C++ environment.


Directly access our software and electronics in the way that is easiest for you, including COM, breakout box, nanoman/litho, and force scripting.

MM8-HR Atomic Force Microscope

Surprisingly Simple, Making Every User an AFM Expert

Allowing users of all experience levels to achieve expert results via ScanAsyst® image optimization software.





NanoScope® is the most adopted, and most cited AFM product in the world.


FastScan Publication Graph v2
Apps team v2












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