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Industrial Manufacturing

Enhancing Product Yield and Reliability

Bruker has developed a comprehensive suite of nanomechanical test instruments for process metrology, quality control/assurance, and failure analysis used during industrial manufacturing. Our test equipment offers semi-automated to fully automated test sequencing to meet the demands of a failure analysis laboratory to in-line, high-throughput process characterization needs.

Bruker’s Hysitron process metrology equipment is the first in the world to fully automate nanomechanical and nanotribological testing, capable of being integrated directly into process workflows. Now the powerful techniques relied upon to develop next-generation materials and optimize processing parameters can be utilized to help assure processes are continuously operating under a steady state.

Enabling New Insights into Complex Manufacturing Processes

Process Metrology | Bruker

Process Metrology

Quantitative, High-Throughput Nanomechanical Metrology

Quality Control | Bruker

Quality Control

Meet Complex Quality Standards through Quantitative Characterization

Failure Analysis | Bruker

Failure Analysis

Quantitatively Characterize Mechanical, Tribological, or Interfacial Adhesion Failures