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Semiconductor and Electronics

The prevailing theme in Semiconductor and Electronics manufacturing is to continuously make devices smaller, faster, cheaper, and more efficient. This oftentimes requires introducing new processing technologies and materials when historic technologies reach their design limits. With ever-decreasing length scales and the integration challenges of new materials, new characterization techniques are required to develop next-generation materials and validate new processes.

Bruker has developed a diverse product portfolio to characterize material properties, tribological properties, and interfacial properties of electronic materials at the nanometer length scale. These enabling technologies allow researchers to probe localized properties to accelerate new material understanding, fast-track integration, and guarantee product reliability.

Measurement Technologies for Smaller, Faster, Cheaper, and More Reliable Products

MEMS | Bruker


Quantify mechanical and tribological properties of thin films along with device actuation forces and electrical contact resistance.

Packaging | Bruker


Understand how packaging materials interact with each other and how to maximize package integrity and reliability.

Deposition and Lithography | Bruker

Deposition and Lithography

Measure the effects of processing conditions on the elastic and viscoelastic properties of thin films and small structures.

Display and LED/OLED | Bruker

Display and LED/OLED

Quantify the mechanical and interfacial properties of organic and inorganic device layers.

Battery, Solar, and Energy | Bruker

Battery, Solar, and Energy

Explore new materials and discover mechanical and interfacial property changes as a function of operation and processing conditions.

Data Storage | Bruker

Data Storage

Measure the mechanical reliability and tribological performance of ultra-thin carbon coatings.