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TS 77 Select - Nanoindentation


High-Precision Mechanical Characterization

Nanoindentation is a common technique for characterizing the elastic modulus, hardness, creep, stress relaxation, and fracture toughness of localized microstructures, interfaces, small surface features, and thin films. TS Select utilizes Bruker’s proven Hysitron TriboScope capacitive transducer technology to deliver reliable and quantitative mechanical property measurements over the nanometer-to-micrometer length scales.

In-Situ SPM Imaging

Enabling Superior Nanomechanics

Bruker’s in-situ scanning probe microscopy (SPM) utilizes the same probe to raster the sample surface for topography imaging as it does to conduct the nanomechanical test. This ability to visualize the sample surface on the same length scale as the testing delivers superior nanomechanical characterization results and data reliability. In-situ SPM imaging enables nanometer-precision test placement accuracy to ensure that the test is at the exact desired location on the material.

TS 77 Select - In-Situ SPM Imaging
TS 77 Select - Mechanical Property Mapping

Mechanical Property Mapping

High-Speed Mapping and Fast Data Acquisition

TS Select delivers high-speed testing capabilities, up to 180x faster than traditional nanoindentation measurements. At two nanoindentation tests per second, high-resolution mechanical property maps of inhomogeneous materials can be obtained within minutes. Additionally, the high-speed testing capabilities enable statistically significant datasets to be quickly obtained for superior confidence in results.

Wear Testing

Quantitative Nanoscale Wear Resistance

Utilizing the in-situ SPM imaging capabilities on the TS Select, quantitative wear volumes and wear removal rates can be measured as a function of applied contact force, sliding speed, and number of passes. Due to the scale of testing, tribological performance of individual microstructures, interfaces, and thin films can readily be measured.

TS 77 Select - Wear Testing


surface analysis
TS 77 Select - Dynamic Nanoindentation

Dynamic Nanoindentation

Depth Profiling, Viscoelastic Properties

Dynamic nanoindentation superimposes a small oscillatory force over a quasi-static force component to obtain a continuous measurement of hardness and modulus as a function of depth into a material’s surface. The dynamic nanoindentation option includes a capacitive transducer optimized for dynamic measurements and a controller-integrated lock-in amplifier to deliver superior results as a function of testing depth, frequency, and time.

TS 77 Select - Nanoscratch Testing


Friction, Mar Resistance, and Thin Film Adhesion

Nanoscratch utilizes an electrostatically actuated two-dimensional transducer to apply a normal force in a controlled fashion while simultaneously measuring the force required to move the tip laterally across the sample surface. The nanoscratch option does not rely on motorized staging for lateral movement, providing the most sensitive and reliable nanoscale friction and thin film adhesion measurements in the market.