High-Performance Sensors

New Sensors Deliver Ultra-Low Noise-Floor Performance

Extremely Low Friction-Force Measurement Capabilities

With today’s emphasis on energy savings, achieving very low friction between sliding interfaces is an area of increasing interest and research.  In addition to assessing small differences in the performance of low-friction coatings and lower viscosity lubricants, testing of the tribological performance of MEMS  (micro-electro-mechanical systems) devices also requires measurement of extremely low friction forces, under similarly low normal forces.


Bruker’s Tribology and Mechanical Testing engineers have designed a new series of dual-axis force sensors that allow these precise measurements to be made.

Key characteristics of the sensors include:

  • An ultra-low noise floor of less than 0.02 mN and 500 mN capacity
  • Increased frequency response (optional)
gold series sensors, low noise floor, sensor noise floor
Graph showing Gold Series sensors have a 25 times lower noise floor than a standard sensor.
Tmt sensor stats1
high-performance sensor, tribometer sensor, UMT sensor
New high-performance sensor for the UMT

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