Mechanical testing on hardmetals with UMT Tribolab

Hardmetals and Hardfacings Testing

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In sliding contact applications where lubrication is not possible or can provide only limited resistance to galling, material solutions to the wear inherent in these severe use applications include both hardfacings and hardmetals.

Hardfacings are often weld-deposited overlays and include hardened steels and metal carbides applied for increased wear resistance. Hardmetals are often used for cutting tools, in high temperature applications, or where severe metal-on-metal sliding contact occurs.

Testing hardmetals or hardfacings requires duplicating the severe conditions of the in-service application itself. The UMT TriboLab can apply high contact stresses and high sliding speeds under unidirectional or reciprocating motions, while monitoring temperature, friction, and wear, and can be set to automatically terminate the test when pre-defined conditions are met.  Such versatility allows for testing of virtually any kind of hardmetal or hardfacing under application-specific conditions to help with research and development studies.

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Severe Sliding Testing Using TriboLab