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AMICS — Advanced Mineral Identification and Characterization System

The Advanced Mineral Identification and Characterization System (AMICS) is the latest software package for automated identification and quantification of minerals and synthetic phases. The key of this package lies in its innovative imaging and analysis software capabilities. It enables Bruker’s QUANTAX energy dispersive X-ray spectrometers (EDS) systems on selected scanning electron microscopes (SEM) to become a complete automated mineralogy system. Combining AMICS with Bruker's novel and performance-leading Micro-XRF system M4 TORNADO results into the world's first automated mineral analyzer based on X-ray fluorescence technology.

The AMICS software is a forward-thinking quantitative analysis system. Its versatility makes it ideal for use in both earth and material science research and industry applications.

Key features

  • Measurements based on BSE (backscattered electron) image
  • Advanced image analysis allow particle segmentation, mineral boundary identification and particle separation
  • Innovative mineral identification technology
  • Comprehensive databases (2000 minerals) for quick and easy mineral identification
  • Measure multiple samples autonomously


The BSE image-based processing allows:

  • fast particle detection and segmentation
  • high quality particle discrimination
  • reduced time from sample to result

For optimum data extraction, each point/ pixel:

  • is analyzed with EDS,
  • is identified and classified as a mineral,
  • can be reclassified offline.

AMICS provides custom ore groupings:

  • configure the level of detail for reporting
  • data can be easily exported and used in presentations


AMICS is useful for research and industries looking for fast, automated and high volume mineral phase identification.


M4 TORNADOAMICS brings together the ultra-fast high resolution elemental distribution analysis using Bruker's M4 TORNADO spectrometer and the powerful mineral identification and classification software AMICS.

Especially large geological samples, e.g. drill cores and hand samples as well as thin sections, can be analyzed down to the micrometer scale making the M4 TORNADOAMICS a powerful system in mining and geosciences. With its ability to measure unprepared samples at low to atmospheric pressure, it provides mineral phase results in the shortest time frames.

More info

AMICS flyer (PDF)


High speed differentiation of mineral phases of similar BSE intensity with AMICS – Application Note #EDS-16