Analyzing Jewelry with Handheld XRF

Analyzing jewelry with handheld XRF analyzers is an efficient, accurate and non-destructive method of verifying precious metals content prior to purchasing or selling products.  Whether you’re a recycler, a pawn shop purchasing jewelry or a manufacturer creating jewelry, the Bruker S1 TITAN can provide you with purity analysis that is accurate and instantaneous.  Click here to send us a message with your questions!

With Gold and Platinum fluctuating positions as the King Metal, precious metals recycling, buying and selling is on a steady climb.  Traditional techniques using acids to verify the Karat of gold do not allow you to identify down to the decimal point to avoid leaving money on the table.  14K gold must contain 58.5% gold in order to be considered 14K gold.  Yet if your jewelry contains 70% gold it is still considered 14K gold.  Jewelry is not considered 18K gold unless it contains 75% gold.  Get the most out of your jewelry by analyzing with XRF.

Below are some advantages of using handheld XRF to analyze jewelry:

  • Analyze while the buyer or seller waits
  • More accurate than traditional methods - Near lab results, identifies down to the second decimal point
  • Simple to use
  • Completely non-destructive
  • Quick – Analyze jewelry in seconds

The Bruker S1 TITAN enables you to reap the benefits of knowing the true value of your gold enabling you to make decisions about each sale on the spot.  Identify the exact amount of gold present as well as the following other trace elements typically found in gold jewelry:

  • Copper – Cu
  • Zinc – Zn
  • Nickel – Ni
  • Iron – Fe
  • Cobalt – Co
  • Rhodium – Rh
  • Ruthenium – Ru

Talk to our team to determine how quickly you can take control of your gold buying and selling with the reliable, speedy and accurate S1 TITAN!

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