Art Conservation, Handheld XRF Spectrometry

Art & Archaeometry applications using pXRF

Bruker has become the defacto choice for art and archaeometry applications, thanks to its capacity for completely non-destructive elemental identification. This lends itself to a wide variety of uses, such as investigating non-uniform samples, determining the provenance of a valued object, or obtaining elemental data for geochemical survey.

Restoration work can be achieved reliably and sensitively, by ensuring a close match of pigments and other materials. Safe repatriation of cultural artifacts is also made possible by the ability to detect trace toxic preservatives, in a way that is fully compliant with organizations such as NAGPRA.

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Whatever the application, powerful desktop software provides a complete live spectral display to give you an instant insight into the specimen under observation. This can be customized to allow a basic test for the presence or absence of a particular element, or a complete analysis to provide concentration data.

TRACER 5 art
TRACER 5i mounted to tripod and lateral arm
TRACER 5i dig site