Fertilizer & Treatment Effectiveness with Handheld XRF Analyzers

Portable XRF Analyzers are fast, non-destructive tools used to analyze fertilizers and treatments to help ensure their effectiveness for farming as well as transport and storage.

Fertilizers can be analyzed prior to use and monitored in the field over the course of the growing season.


Solutions for Sustainable & Healthy Soil, Crops & Food

  • Research elemental properties of soil and fertilizer placement to determine maximum yield mixes in support of regional farming

  • Analyze elemental nutrient content of solid, powdered or liquid organic and manufactured fertilizers before field distribution

  • Optimize surface treatments such as Ca, Cl, S on produce for preservation of product from farm to market to minimize financial loss


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Optimize surface treatments

Elemental maps can be generated in 2D or 3D with portable XRF data to help evaluate treatment coverage effectiveness on produce which in turn can help producers manage the health and profitability of their crops.

Elemental scan of tomato