Food Safety Analysis and Control with Handheld XRF Food Analyzers

While food hazards often cannot be detected by the naked eye, Bruker’s Handheld XRF (PXRF) Analyzers are fast-working, nondestructive testguns that scan foods and beverages for impurities and dangerous or unwanted elements. Food safety professionals, please get in touch with us to address your analysis needs and coordinate an onsite demo!

Concern for food safety is universal and constantly growing due to increasing public awareness and the development of modern safe food standards and legislation. With the major food chains going global, the need for reliable and efficient food testing is escalating further. Moreover, apart from the human foods, farm animal and pet food are related areas of interest. XRF, or x-ray fluorescence, serves as the optimal analytical technology that can scan in elemental signatures and concentrations of nutrients, minerals, toxins, and much more.

Ideal for both lab and in-situ food testing, handheld XRF aids the cause of food safety, enabling quicker and easier detection of toxic, contaminated, unsafe foods and produce, by scanning for the elemental signatures of:

  • Additives and supplements
  • Toxins and contaminants
  • Heavy metals
  • Fertilizers
  • Pesticides and herbicides
  • Illegal ingredients
  • Food fraud
  • Economically motivated adulteration (EMA)


Legislated standards and guidelines that Bruker’s handheld XRF can help meet include the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and Hazardous Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP), among others.

Testing can be carried out conveniently during any stage of the food production and delivery process. Similar testing can be performed not only on food products (e.g. poultry, fish or meat analysis), but also on raw materials and produce, as well as food supplements and such non-food items as medical marijuana (which currently awaits its own toxic metal regulation).

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Examples of food analysis tasks that are efficiently performed by a Bruker handheld XRF food scanner include:

  • Produce analysis to monitor the use of preservative calcium coating
  • Elemental nutrient verification
  • Animal feed supplements assessment and risk analysis
  • Analysis of types of salt and sodium compounds in salty snacks and potato and vegetable chips
  • Milk analysis, dairy analysis, and milk powder testing for Fe and Ca
  • Salt analysis for iodine
  • Analysis of spices to detect lead or chromium colorants
  • Scanning for incidental adulterants (e.g. arsenic from pesticides, mercury or copper from fungicides, or waterborne lead)
  • Ensuring that blending, grinding and mixing processes are free from metallic contamination
  • Screening for physical metallic contaminants, and identifying the provenance of alloy shavings, metal dust or pieces originating from equipment, transportation vehicles, or exposure.
PMI food contact materials

Further Food Safety Related Analysis Needs

Food safety control is not limited to foods, drinks, produce and ingredients. Additionally, Bruker’s handheld XRF testers make it easy to:

  • Measure mineral concentrations in livestock feed
  • Screen food packaging (plastics, polymer films, bottles, cans) for hazardous elements
  • Verify metal and alloy grades and composition in relevant piping and tubing, parts, components, welds
  • Test finishes and planting, equipment, containers, vehicles and machinery components to ensure that only safe and durable alloy grades are present
  • Scan the elemental composition of soil
  • Evaluate the safety of irrigation sources
  • Determine concentrations of toxic metals in water, soil, sediments and crops
  • Ensure optimal elemental fertilizer distribution for highest crop quality and yield in the context of local precision agriculture
  • Test and compare seed brands based on nutritional content and quality
  • Test and compare fertilizer brands and mixes
  • Analyze elemental nutrient content in plants and leaves.

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