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Food Safety and Agricultural Analysis

Foods, Plant and Soil Screening with Bruker’s CTX

Bruker's new CTX CounterTop XRF analyzer

The importance of uncompromising standards of food safety is obvious. In order to preserve and protect public health, agricultural producers and food industries must comply with a variety of international, national, and market-specific regulations. Please contact Bruker’s team of experts to learn about the CTX, an ideal option for performing various essential types of food, plant and soil analyses performed by food manufacturers, farmers, compliance agents, and specialist consultants.

Typical uses of the CTX in the sphere of food control and food safety-risk analysis include:

  • Quality Analysis at Critical Control (QACC) of raw materials and of finished and “in process” products as well as during process
  • Hazardous Analysis at Critical Control (HACC), screening for adulterants and metallic contaminants
  • Food content analysis for fortificants such as iron (Fe) and calcium (Ca) in milk liquid and powder.

In the area of plant and soil health assessment, the CTX can help:

  • Monitor both elemental nutrients and contaminants such as heavy metals to identify and confirm healthy, sustainable fields, or verify the effectiveness of remediation efforts
  • Analyze the elemental nutrient and heavy metal and uptake by crops and plants
  • Compare and contrast the quality and yield of various seed brands and fertilizer mixes
  • Analyze soil geochemistry; determine elemental properties of area soil, irrigation sources, and fertilizers to optimize crop quality and yield for smart farming

The CTX Food Safety Application Package includes calibrations to analyze foodstuffs, packaging, and food contact materials (including an alloy application for PMI and shavings ID and an adapted restricted materials application) as well as multiple check samples. The Food Quality Application Package covers nutrients and fortificants in foodstuffs and powdered check sample. The Soil Application Package covers heavy metals in soil, dual phase calibration for environmental compliance, and elemental nutrients in soil; it also includes one a check sample.

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