QA/QC incoming material as well as in-process and finished products

Portable XRF (PXRF) Analyzers are fast, non-destructive tools used for QA and QC to provide actionable results at any stage of  food production. This includes incoming raw materials, products in process and finished goods prior to release.


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Hazardous Analysis at Critical Control Points (HACCP)

  • Intentional Adulterants:  Identify Pb or Cr colorants in spices

  • Incidental Adulterants:  Monitor As and Br from pesticides, Hg or Cu from fungicides or Pb from water

  • Metallic Contaminants:  Screen for metal shavings or pieces from processing equipment

Quality Analysis at Critical Control Points (QACCP)

  • Nutrient Content:  Determine elemental nutrient content in products such as Se or Mo in dietary supplements or Fe in animal feed

  • Fortificant Content:  Analyze elemental food content for fortificants such as Fe and Ca in milk liquid and powder or I in salt

  • Toxic Metal Content:  Screen raw materials and finished products for metals such as Pb, Hg or As.




Food Control Management & Inspection:

Food control management inspection