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Geochemical Testing, Mineral and Mining Analysis

Natural Resource Exploration with Bruker’s CTX

CTX portable XRf for GEO Exploration

Bruker’s CTX is a safe, standalone, portable energy dispersive XRF (EDXRF) analyzer that is calibrated for a variety of advanced geochemical, soil, and mineral analyses. Please contact Bruker to find out how the CTX help solve your geo testing requirements, enabling you to:

  • Explore the geochemistry of soils, sediments, ores, mudrock, drill cuttings, concentrates
  • Quantify major elements as well as trace and specialty target elements (e.g. uranium)
  • Analyze ground surface samples in field labs or sites, in trailers, on platforms, and aboard ships
  • Take advantage of Bruker’s robust, flexible and customizable calibrations tailored to your needs
  • Collect elemental composition data real time on land or in water drilling sites.

Our multi-phase geochemical exploration package includes automated and user-selected calibrations for oxides and sulphides, and a powdered check sample. The CTX analyzer is able to measure soil and mineral samples in bags or as powders. The limestone calibration (for regular and dolomitic limestone) reports Mg and Ca Carbonate, is normalized for use on powder and solid
rock, cement, and gypsum, and includes solid check sample.

Read more about Bruker’s CTX or get in touch right now for further detail or a price quote.