Ore Grade Control with Handheld XRF

Handheld XRF can increase profitability in ore control as well as almost every phase of mining operations. Whether you are conducting open pit or underground grade control, with portable handheld XRF analyzers, your job is made easier. Narrowing the gap between planned production and actual production has long been a focus of mining operations. Preventing ore from ending up as waste is a critical task. Talk to a specialist now about how Handheld XRF analyzers can tighten your grip on grade control swiftly and accurately!

Portable XRF gives results in seconds or minutes- not hours or days

Whether you’re operating in an open pit mine or underground, handheld XRF provides instant results to determine delineation of grade boundaries with accuracy and confidence in a manner of minutes. Even on-site labs can take multiple hours and even several days to turn around samples. Complex grade boundaries can be delineated with confidence directly in the field. With a handheld XRF, critical results that enable the geologist to guide operations can be obtained in seconds or minutes rather than hours or days. The experienced geologist can expedite grade control decision making increasing productivity and overall profitability of the mine. Click here to talk to a representative about how handheld XRF can expedite grade control operations.

XRF gun for delineating ore from waste

The ability to delineate ore from waste in open pit mining operations is now in the palm of your hand. The XRF can be used directly in the bags collected from grade control drilling without any further preparation. Cuttings from blast holes can be analyzed directly at the surface of the hole or directly in collection bags without having to remove them for preparation. Having access to instantaneous data like this can save significant amounts of time that would otherwise be spent hauling samples to the laboratory. The ability to guide operations in real-time increases productivity which results in increased profitability. Numerous studies have been conducted proving that handheld XRF is an accurate, effective tool that can be used to monitor grade control with confidence.

In underground operations, the XRF can be used directly on the face. It is crucial to take multiple samples and average them in order to get a fair representation of a given area. Instantaneous data aides in predicting mill feed grades and blending high grade with low grade to ensure the mill operates at its highest level of efficiency. When differentiating grades becomes challenging, samples can be collected and prepared into a pulp for even more accurate results. A pulp is an ideal XRF sample as it is homogeneous in particle size.