Silver Analysis Using Handheld XRF

Bruker’s handheld XRF can be used to verify Silver (Ag) content in jewelry, along with a variety of other applications.  Whether you are a manufacturer, jewelry dealer or recycler, you need to have a means of identifying the purity of silver.  With Bruker’s S1 TITAN you can quickly, accurately and non-destructively assay silver in mere seconds. No preparation is needed.  Simply point the instrument directly at the silver (making contact), pull the trigger and results immediately fill the screen. Talk to our experts now about your specific silver analysis need and receive quality free advice right away!

Pure silver (Ag), known as Fine Silver or 999.5 fineness, is much too soft to use in jewelry; however, it can be used in many other applications such as electrical components, bearings for jet engines, the formation of chemicals like formaldehyde and ethylene oxide and much more.  Typically, for jewelry, silver is alloyed with another metal such as copper (Cu) to provide strength.  Sterling Silver (Ag), the world standard for silver jewelry, contains 92.5% silver and usually 7.5% copper. 

Who benefits from portable Silver analysis with handheld XRF?

  • Silver jewelry manufacturers can verify the purity of the silver they purchase to make jewelry as well as monitor their own process in alloying pure silver.
  • Jewelry dealers can determine silver purity on the spot before they purchase coins, jewelry or “pure” silver
  • Recyclers can identify silver content in electrical components, batteries and catalysts
  • Museums can authenticate and provenance photographs based on silver content (as well as other elements) of the paper
  • Silver content in artifacts can help determine provenance

The initial cost of the instrument is quickly and easily recovered by instant verification of silver purity, costing pennies on the dollar as compared to sending samples to an analytical laboratory. The S1 TITAN is a highly efficient, cost-effective, accurate tool for determination of silver content in any field. Contact us today for detailed applications or pricing information!

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