Alloy Analysis for QA/QC at Fabricators

An XRF Alloy Analyzer in your machine shop or fabrication facility provides you with the essential information that the proper alloy is being used in the manufacturing process. You have committed to manufacture goods in conformance with your customers specifications, giving rise to the need for analysis of incoming materials, finished product, and everything in between.  This requires ongoing vigilance and a well documented QA/QC procedure.  Material mix-ups can occur at any stage of the process, from incoming material inspection to machining stations to final assembly and shipment. 

Please contact our experts to understand how handheld XRF can greatly improve your QA/QC program.

Rather than relying on Material Test Reports (MTR) –which do not provide 100% certainty – a handheld XRF alloy analyzer allows the inspectors to make instant checks that the alloy is the proper material. This can prevent the investment of a large amount of time in machining a part of the wrong alloy, and it can provide final verification of the alloys prior to shipment to your customers.

Many customers are now requiring complete Positive Material Identification (PMI), especially of their critical manufacturing components. A handheld XRF analyzer will provide the analysis required, and the data storage and report generation capabilities of Bruker handheld XRF analyzers for fabricators provide a fast and easy-to-use system for the entire measurement and reporting cycle.